Runestones Guide

Runestones Guide

March 28, 2018

Runes are a Germanic alphabet that’s been around for centuries now. Each runic alphabet is a symbol, and that symbol holds a special meaning and power.

The meaning behind each rune will help you understand life and work through your problems and come out the other side a much better version of yourself.

The runes hold the wisdom of your ancestors.

You may use your own interpretations of the symbols or go by the traditional meaning of each.

Algiz best translates into “courage."

The Algiz is good for you when you want to be more independent and fearless.

This is your rune if you want to be more independent and start living life on your own terms. Maybe you want to leave your parents’ house and start living on your own but are so afraid to do so. Maybe you are afraid to leave your husband for you might not make it without his assistance. The Algiz will give you the courage to be fearless in your decisions.

Ansuz best translates into "inspiration."

The Ansuz is good for you when you want more creativity, good reasoning, and good advice.

This is for you if you want to ignite your creativity and spark your mind. If you have been feeling stagnant and stuck in your ideas, the Ansuz will help you uncover great ideas and attract only sound thoughts.

Berkano best translates into “rebirth."

The Berkano is good for you when you want to become a wise person.

This is the rune of new beginnings and fresh starts. In life, we go through many rebirths, especially after things get really bad: Did your marriage just end? Did you lose a loved one? Did you lose a pet? There will be readjustments that you have to make.

The Berkano rune is there to guide you as you make way for a new life.

Dagaz best translates into “awakening."

The Dagaz is good for you when you seek to be awakened from a general feeling of hopelessness and uselessness.

Take this rune if you need a certain type of awakening that takes you from where you are to where you ought to be. It’s time for big and bold changes in your life.

Maybe your needs have been placed on the backburner because you’re so busy attending to other people’s needs. Maybe you’ve spent most of your life caring for your children and now that they are adults, you are feeling lost and useless.

The Dagaz will awaken you to your main purpose in this world. The Dagaz reminds you that darkness is not the absence of light, but is the quality of life.

Ehwaz best translates into “trust."

The Ehwaz is good for you when you want to harness trust and cooperation with other people.

Choose this rune if you wanna learn how to trust other people. Not everyone is out to harm you or cheat you. Imagine going through life without ever trusting anyone? Being a suspicious and untrusting person is not going to make you happy.

The Ehwaz rune helps you be more trusting.

Eihwaz best translates into “endurance."

The Eihwaz is good for you if you need more endurance when faced with something you fear.

You are about to face your greatest fear. Maybe you are in the process of a lengthy divorce. Maybe you need to break up with someone who doesn't respect you or treat you well. Maybe you are on the receiving end of bullying and are about to break.

The Eihwaz will help you endure the painful processes that you fear the most.

Fehu best translates into “wealth."

Fehu best translates into "wealth" in many forms like material and non-material possessions. As with all other runes, Fehu has many uses and meanings. However, primarily, it is a rune of wealth, financial strength, and prosperity.

It is very good for foresight, luck, and charisma. If you find yourself in a situation where you want the odds to be in your favor, then this is the rune for you.

Gebo best translates into "generosity."

The Gebo is good for you when you want to be at peace and be harmonious with everyone.

This rune is for you if your heart and mind are so closed off and selfish that dealing with other people is something that you cannot be bothered with. No man is an island, and it is very important for your well-being to have people in your life that you have a harmonious relationship with.

The Gebo rune helps you be more generous with your time and energy.

Hagalaz best translates into “change."

The Hagalaz is good for you if you want to make big changes in your life.

If you are so afraid of change and yet yearn for a big one, this is the rune for you. Change is unfamiliar and scary, but you have to take the leap by changing your present circumstance.

The Hagalaz rune pushes you to do just that.

Inguz best translates into “channeling energy."

The Inguz is good for you if you want to explore your creativity and seek creative release.

If you constantly find yourself channeling away your creative energy into things that are not worthwhile, this is your rune. When you spend too much energy on things like jealousy and gossip, then that counts as a waste of energy and time.

The Inguz rune will help you redirect your energy into more worthwhile pursuits and not let your creativity go to waste.

Ingwaz best translates into “meditation."

The Ingwaz is good for you if you want to take some time for yourself to create a space for transformation and higher forms of thinking.

If you are always keeping yourself busy and jumping from one thing to the next without leaving time to just be quiet and sit still and relax... you are going to burn out. You are not doing yourself any favors by not taking time to be alone. For it is during the time you spend alone when reflection, discovery, and transformation take place.

The Ingwaz rune will help you take some time for the person who matters the most... which is you.

Isa best translates into “concentration."

The Isa is good for you when you want a stronger will to focus and control your ego.

If you need utmost focus and concentration, this is your rune. Maybe you have a big task at hand that you need to finish. Maybe there is too much temptation out there to feed your ego that you lose sight of what needs to get done.

The Isa will strengthen your will and determination to remain focused.

Jera best translates into “patience in the right timing."

The Jera is good for you if you want to be more patient while you wait for things or people.

Choose this rune when you need to be more patient. Being impatient attracts negative energy and is another form of trying to control the time.

The Jera will help you overcome your impatience.

Kenaz best translates into "illumination."

The Kenaz is good for you if you want a clear head and improved skills.

Pick this rune if you want to declutter your mind and improve your skills. The Kenaz rune will shine a light on you to help you sort through your thoughts and channel your energy into improving yourself.

Laguz best translates into “living life to the fullest."

The Laguz is good for you if you want to fully live your life.

If you want to live your life to the fullest, you have to let go of the many forms of negativity that prevent you from experiencing life and its beauty.

The Laguz is there to help you let go of everything toxic and change the way you live.

Mannaz best translates into “realization."

The Mannaz is good for you if you want to realize your full potential and reach it.

This is your rune if people are telling you that you’re wasting away your potential. Maybe you are not going after what you want, like your dream job that you would rather stay in your dead end job that you are comfortable in.

The Mannaz will encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and realize what it is that you should be doing instead.

Nauthiz best translates into “acceptance."

The Nauthiz is good for you if you need help to accept what you cannot change.

If you are someone who just needs to have control over everything, then this rune is for you. It is not possible to control everyone and every outcome; trying to do that will just end in frustration. You have to trust that there are things that will unfurl on their own without your participation in it.

The Nauthiz will make you make amends with that fact.

Othala best translates into “inheritance."

The Othala is good for you if you want to be bold enough to claim what is rightfully yours.

Take this rune if you have been forfeiting a personal right by letting others take advantage of you. Maybe your siblings are claiming what’s rightfully yours and you just let them. Be bold and claim what was given to you. Maybe your ex-husband is not helping you with the expenses for your children.

The Othala will help you gain a boldness that you never thought you had in you.

Perthro best translates into “good luck."

The Perthro is good for you if you want favorable circumstances and outcomes.

This rune is perfect for you if you are starting a business and need a lot of positive reinforcement to keep going. Maybe you are sending your child away to college and want him or her to have a good experience.

The Perthro will help attract good luck.

Raidho best translates into "presence."

The Raidho is good for you if you want to be a person of action who lives in the present.

This rune stops you from living in the past and imagining the future. By doing that, you are robbing the present of its value. You cannot live in the past or in the future.

The Raidho rune helps you be more present in your daily life.

Sowilo best translates into “will."

The Sowilo is good for you if you want your actions to be guided and enlightened.

Choose this rune if you have been making a lot of bad decisions lately. Maybe you drink too much or smoke too much or take drugs and your life is down spiraling.

The Sowilo will grant you the will to give up bad habits and make more enlightened decisions about how you are living your life.

Thurisaz best translates into "strength."

The Thurisaz is good for you when you wanna gain more physical, mental, and spiritual strength and you seek to unblock your body, mind, and spirit.

This is your rune if you are about to take on something that seems too big to handle. If you entered a competition and are hoping to win, or about to take a big exam and are hoping to pass, or are facing a lot of criticism about your beliefs, the Thurisaz rune will give you the strength to face up to the challenges.

Tiwaz best translates into “self-sacrifice."

The Tiwaz is good for you when you want to master sacrificing your interests for others.

This is the rune for you if you want to learn how to sacrifice your own interests for the sake of others. Maybe you were an only child and you never had to think outside of yourself. Life is best enjoyed when you keep giving to other people.

The Tiwaz helps you get outside yourself and your needs and focus on what you can do for others.

Uruz best translates into “stamina.”

The Uruz is for you if you seek a new beginning in your thoughts, actions, and environment.

Take this rune if you are feeling that you are not as young as you once were, and you can see it in the way your body and mind works. The Uruz is a rune of vitality, strength, and health. Maybe you were diagnosed with arthritis or you notice your eyesight is now bad and your back is starting to ache.

The Uruz will reshape your energy and release the inner King and Queen from within.

Wunjo best translates into "optimism."

The Wunjo is good for you if you want to have a more positive life.

It is the rune for you if you are someone whose life is so unfortunate due to negative thoughts, which just attracts more negativity. In life, negativity begets negativity, which is why it is wiser to work on being positive.

The Wunjo will help you think positively to draw positive people and experiences in your life.

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