Tiwaz Rune Luxury Necklace

The Tiwaz Rune Luxury Necklace will help you put others before yourself. If that is what you struggle with the most.

Tiwaz best translates into “self-sacrifice."

The Tiwaz is good for you when you want to master sacrificing your interests for others.

This is the rune for you if you want to learn how to sacrifice your own interests for the sake of others. Maybe you were an only child and you never had to think outside of yourself. Life is best enjoyed when you keep giving to other people.

The Tiwaz helps you get outside yourself and your needs and focus on what you can do for others.

All of our bangles and luxury necklaces are with our own designs, which makes them truly unique. You cannot get these anywhere else.


This product is 100% made in the USA. It's made from surgical steel and shatterproof glass. It's also UV resistant and waterproof.

This is a very durable piece of jewelry that will last for many decades.

The design is covered with high quality hardened resin, which gives full vibrant colors and extreme durability.

The Perfect Size:

The pendant measures approx. 23.5mm diameter, which makes it the perfect size for a piece of meaningful and very personal jewelry.

The necklace comes with an 18-22" adjustable snake chain, which will look good and fit on everyone. If you prefer, you can easily put another chain on it.

The bangle is adjustable and fit's everyone.

There is no moving parts, so it will not get tangled in your hair and unless it hit it with a sledgehammer, it won't break or wear out.

The necklace (and the bangle) comes in a beautiful gift box and will make the perfect gift.

This necklaces is with our own design, which makes it truly unique. You cannot get it anywhere else.

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